About Us

Good neighbors are important, and good fences make good neighbors.

Though the rental house is part of our larger property, your area is securely fenced for complete privacy. You will hear us, and until all the landscaping is mature you will see us, but we will not be barging in on you uninvited.  We have a gate between us.

Allow me to introduce ourselves:

There are 10 dogs. (and the occasional foster puppies)
The A-Team consists of a Shepherd and a Great Dane. The B-Team are the Terriers. The C-Team are two good sized Potlickers and four small ones.

Night time I have a changing set of A and B Team members on patrol.


This rental house comes with its own dog. A rescue. She is a spayed female, and her name is Mona.
Mona only has 3 legs since someone chopped off the 4th one. That person also tried to decapitate her but did not succeed. In spite of that she is a loving companion.

I provide all food and medical care, and cover all expenses for Mona. I am also there to feed her any time you are not available to do so.
The girl will keep you safe.

There are a few dozen chickens and several roosters on the other side of your fence: Think of them as Fresh Egg Dispensers for your breakfast.

A varying number of pigeons live in and around the chicken coop. There are two breeding nests on the side of your house.
There are also bunches of Mascovy Ducks in the yard next to you but they do not make any noticeable noise

And speaking of hearing, we live at the edge of  a neighborhood with all the accompanying noises: Dogs, roosters, music, the occasional loud party, a preacher who feels we all need to be saved via his sermon. All these noises peter out pretty early. People here work and don’t stay up until all hours. But if you want real quiet, this place is not for you.

Back to us, the only one left to introduce: myself. I am a German who lived in the US for about 30 years, and I now live here in Belize since 2009. Third country is the keeper.

I am not prone to loud music or late nights but do get up before the chickens. We don’t exactly explode into the dawn but my dogs start on their day early, and so do I. But overall I would rate myself a pretty quiet neighbor without obnoxious habits.