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How big is the property?
The house sits on a lot measuring approx. 50’x100′. The house itself is 360 square feet with a 100 square foot porch all under one roof.

What does it cost to run the place? (BZ$1 = US$0.50)

  • Municipal Water runs about BZ$25 per month
  • Electricity runs right around BZ$60 per month
  • There is no land line phone available.
  • You can get Internet & TV at your own expense.

Is there a well?
No. The property is on municipal water.

Is there sewer?
The house is hooked up to the main septic tank of the property. Most towns in Belize rely on private septic systems.

What Appliances are there?
Small Range, Full Size Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Hot Water Heater, Backup Water System with Tank and Pump.

What is the road to the property like?
The road is dirt but only a few blocks from the paved main road. Like most Belizean roads it could do with more maintenance. But it is passable in all weather.

Where is Santa Elena?
Santa Elena is in the Cayo district. It is the twin city of San Ignacio, Belize’s second biggest city. Cayo has attracted many Expats because of its beauty and climate: Tropical, yet with cool nights, breezes, fewer insect due to the elevation and out of the coastal hurricane zone.

Where’s the beach?
While Belize has many of them, there’s none in Santa Elena. San Ignacio/Santa Elena are about 2 hour’s drive from the ocean. How ever…. The river is very close and has some nice swimming places.